Ireland as a leader tackling Climate Change

You may think I need a psychiatric assessment when I say I am really excited about the fact that I have to write numerous submissions in the coming weeks. The Citizens’ Assembly is inviting members of the public, representative groups and citizen organisations to make submissions on the third topic they will consider ‘How the State can make Ireland a leader in tackling climate change’.
Here’s the link for submissions where they request your basic information, 500 word comment along with your attachment. Submissions are open from 12 June to 11 August
Over the coming weeks I will trawl through my blog and select bits and pieces from work I have already done because this is actually what I have been doing for over 7 years now!
The recent Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland submission to the NMP National Mitigation Plan will be a good starting point. It’s available here and says the following:
In conjunction with the national awareness campaign, TINI call for facilitated conversations in every town so that all considerations for national mitigation can be explored and contribute to a shared vision. Climate change and our over dependence on imported energy must be presented and discussed so that the challenges are understood and the solutions can be visualised in every sector as outline in the draft NMP. This is not beyond the capacity of the citizens of Ireland.”
It also states “We are invoking our rights protected by the Aarhus convention and we are insisting on comprehensive public participation in designing the national mitigation plan and all plans affecting our environment. It is quite clear that the public must be facilitated to be involved in shaping policy in Ireland including the NMP. Challenges to the NREAP – National Renewable Energy Action Plan and wind projects across the country have displayed what happens when a plan is made without sufficient public participation.”
I will also take some bits from my post Proposal for Comprehensive Public Participation in Irelands National Energy Transition Plan. However given the varying state of PPNs throughout the country I will rethink how this may work.
Feel free to use anything I have done if it helps you put something together. I plan to focus on the Aarhus convention and Public Participation in the National Climate Dialogue as well as non political leadership with the ability and confidence to actually lead a national transition.
As for getting involved in policy and making submissions. It’s pretty easy and you do not need a degree or any qualification for that matter. In fact personal stories are what the Citizens Assembly seems to like. It’s time for people in Transition to step up and put words on the actions they are taking to tackle climate change. To share their knowledge and experiences because we have had insight into this for a while now.
Here’s the link again – happy writing 🙂
Theresa O’Donohoe
June 25th 2017

Published by Theresa OD

Change maker and mother of 5 living in the west of Ireland

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