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This website is part Climate Action and part Climate Policy. ClimateCare.ie is a useful resource to help anyone deliver climate conversations in their community. Building Bridges is where I post my insight into policy and governance relevant to Climate.

A Brief Introduction

I’ve been involved in environmental activism and policy making since 2007. I began to work collaboratively on sustainable community development when I discovered the Transition Network in 2007. I joined a local transition group and we basically went from turning sustainable development ideas into community projects. Some projects succeeded while others did not. I learned a LOT about community development and participation through training and experience. I noticed that many attempts to bring projects to life are blocked by bureaucracy resulting in fatigue and withdrawal by…

Over the years I have found myself ever more conscious of our relationships with each other and with our environment. I am drawn to the sustainability dilemma – how do we meet our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs?

My main focus is Climate Action and the role of Public Participation in it’s success.

In Clare, where I live, I spent 6 years representing the environment between the counties Local Community Development Committee LCDC and Economic Development Strategic Policy Committee SPC. I represented the Environmental community groups of Clare PPN – Public Participation Network – an independent public participation body to engage with Clare County Council and other policy or decision making bodies. I am involved with Clare Environmental Network, Futureproof Clare, Transition Clare, Extinction Rebellion and locally in Lisdoonvarna.

Here is where I post my insight into the world of policy, the role of corporate lobbies, corruption, parish politics, power struggles, greed and neoliberal capitalism. My life experiences have given me a massive insight into how our society operates and how our country is run. I have had to jump in at the deep end in order to get things done, to change the system so that my 5 children inherit an environment and society worth passing on. If I can do it anyone can! You can be a Change Maker 🙂

Disclaimer – this blog is things as I see them. I report on events as I experience them. I write facts as I perceive them, how I understand them, in the context that they impact on my thinking. I do my best to simplify what I learn because I think in basic. If you feel that I misrepresent them please feel free to send me corrections or a guest blog.

Enjoy x

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