Building Bridges Blog Posts

Here is where I keep a record of my personal work throughout the years.

I report my insight into policy and decision making in Ireland during my work as a climate activist.

Climate related blogs

My Book is out!

In 2019 I became aware that far right agitators had created a film that included footage of me. They claimed…

COP27 Report

I attended COP27 in Egypt, representing Feasta, Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability and the Irish Environmental Network. This is…

Warning: Criminal Activity

Why doesn’t society act? Oblivious? Defiant? Busy? Lazy? Easier to scapegoat those sounding the alarm. Do you think the two…

Policy blogs

Climate Action Plan 2023

Climate action plan 2023 is on the way. See what myself a few colleagues would like to see it include.

Food Security

It’s a grey day in the Burren and the birds are busy flittering around the pond in our Hares Corner. Great…

Public Participation

Imagine Meetings

Things have changed with meetings. The formal boardroom has learned to adapt or gone into retirement. Casual group meetings are…

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