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Here is where I keep a record of my personal work throughout the years.

I report my insight into policy and decision making in Ireland during my work as a climate activist.

Climate related blogs

Climate Action Plan 2023

Climate action plan 2023 is on the way. See what myself a few colleagues would like to see it include.

Can “Just Transition” fail to be a transition that is just?

Can “Just Transition” fail to be a transition that is just? Definitely. What is needed is a national transition strategy that is just, in compliance with the Aarhus convention, respects everybody equally and supports everyone affected. That must begin immediately. Ultimately this lack of a coordinated, whole of society action is a gross injustice to the young people of Ireland, the world and future generations.

Policy blogs

Off to Uni

I could never apply because being a masters course meant I needed a degree, it was in Dublin City University and it cost thousands. There was little chance of a lone parent in rural Ireland being able to participate.

Public Participation

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