The Environmental Pillar

In summer 2014 I was elected to the Steering Committee for the Environmental Pillar. I represented the environment at national level for the following year. This was a fantastic opportunity where I gained ample experience of working with policy makers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), politicians, civil servants, industry and the public. Everyone and anyone!

The pillar is comprised of 29 national independent environmental NGOs, who work together to represent the views of the Irish environmental sector. The Environmental Pillar was established as an independent national social partner by decision of the Government in 2009.  The work of members covers a broad range of areas including habitat conservation, wildlife protection, environmental education, sustainability, waste and energy issues, as well as environmental campaigning and lobbying. The members work towards achieving Sustainable Development, according to the Rio Declaration of 1992. These principles require the balancing of the three pillars of Sustainable Development – social, environmental, and economic. Representing that mix wasn’t easy!

You can see all of my posts from that period and referencing the Environmental Pillar here.

You can keep up to date with the Environmental Pillar on Facebook and Twitter. They also have a great newsletter, press releases, policy submissions, EU updates and more on their website.

Theresa O’Donohoe

Feb 2017

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