Welcome to Change Making


Over the years I have found myself ever more conscious of our relationships with each other and with our environment. I am drawn to the sustainability dilemma – how do we meet our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs?

In Clare, where I live, I sit on the counties Local Community Development Committee LCDC and before that on the Economic Development Strategic Policy Committee SPC. I represent the Environmental community groups of Clare PPN – Public Participation Network – an independent public participation body to engage with Clare County Council and other policy or decision making bodies. I am involved with Clare Environmental Network, Futureproof Clare, Transition Clare, Extinction Rebellion and locally in Lisdoonvarna

Nationally I am involved with Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland where I coordinated the People’s Energy Charter. I’m a member of An Taisces Climate Change Committee and represent Feasta on the Environmental Pillar, the environmental social partner made up of 32 Non Governmental Organisations – an amazing opportunity to see national policy making and governance first hand.

Here is where I post my insight into the world of policy, the role of corporate lobbies, corruption, parish politics, power struggles, greed and neoliberal capitalism. My life experiences have given me a massive insight into how our society operates and how our country is run. I have had to jump in at the deep end in order to get things done, to change the system so that my 5 children inherit an environment and society worth passing on. If I can do it anyone can! You can be a Change Maker 🙂

Disclaimer – this blog is things as I see them. I report on events as I experience them. I write facts as I perceive them, how I understand them, in the context that they impact on my thinking. I do my best to simplify what I learn because I think in basic. If you feel that I misrepresent them please feel free to send me corrections or a guest blog.

Enjoy x