Warning: Criminal Activity

Why doesn’t society act? Oblivious? Defiant? Busy? Lazy? Easier to scapegoat those sounding the alarm. Do you think the two activists wanted to throw paint at a picture? Do you think their ambition in life has been to glue themselves to a gallery? That they had nothing better to do? I would love to be able to stop being a climate activist. They have been criminalised for sounding the alarm.

Revisioning 2020

This is the 3rd blog I’ve written about my hopes and dreams for 2020! In my first 2020 Vision blogpost I detailed how I planned working on my business. I also stated “I still hope that regenerative culture grows exponentially. Something like the Transition movement – “communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world”. GetContinue reading “Revisioning 2020”

Does the Hat Matter?

I wasn’t happy when I read this article in the Clare Champion on February 28th 2020: So I decided to write to the Editor that day: I’m just responding to this weeks edition.  I’m a little concerned that people in the council were discussing whether Emeritus Professor John Sweeney should wear his National University MaynoothContinue reading “Does the Hat Matter?”

Final Thoughts to Close 2019

I’ve written 3 whistleblowing blogs in the past 30 hours. These areas need to be addressed to help us progress with participatory democracy enabling a national mobilisation to address climate and biodiversity collapse. I haven’t been very active blogging in 2019 but these stories have been brewing all year. Feel free to use the informationContinue reading “Final Thoughts to Close 2019”

Public Participation – a 2020 Challenge

Election cycles allow the permanent administration undo the dynamic work of visionary, change making elected representatives. Politicians can be closer to public opinion, undoubtedly communicate with the public and will probably bring new perspectives to their roles within government. In a representative democracy this can be a very muted form of public participation as theContinue reading “Public Participation – a 2020 Challenge”