What are we teaching our children?

“What are they learning from all of this? Humans have a massive impact on the ecosystem that supports it. How we should care for it. That we need to stop using carbon to give our atmosphere a chance to get well. That the actions of the past century have caused this accelerated climate change. ThatContinue reading “What are we teaching our children?”

Proposal to National Dialogue on Climate Action #climatedialogueIRL

Having attended the regional dialogue on climate action in Tralee today I thought to share this post from 2016. I’m still saying government needs to convene a meeting of all head office officials of bodies with branches in communities throughout Ireland – GAA, Scouts, ICA, IFA, Church, Tidy Towns, Foroige, FAI etc etc. Then compelContinue reading “Proposal to National Dialogue on Climate Action #climatedialogueIRL”

Proposal for Comprehensive Public Participation in Irelands National Energy Transition Plan

Originally posted on TheresaOD.com:
As some of you will know I have spent the past number of years advocating for the People’s Energy Charter request for comprehensive public participation in Ireland’s National Energy Transition Plan. A brief synopsis of the outcome is here and more in-depth report on my work is here. The questions…

Report from Economic SPC Strategic Policy Committee meeting January 8th 2018

Happy New Year all. It’s hard to believe it’s 2018. Here’s the agenda of the Economic SPC of Jan 8th. Agenda 8th January 2018 Minutes of meeting held on the 13thNovember and matters arising. Presentation by Mr. Vincent McCormack, GE Kinetics on Renewable Energy. Presentation on the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the SouthernContinue reading “Report from Economic SPC Strategic Policy Committee meeting January 8th 2018”

Citizens Assembly Submission

It’s almost the end of August, kids are back in school and I haven’t had time to post in the past couple of months. I never even got to share my submission to the Citizens assembly as per a previous post in June. The Citizens’ Assembly invited members of the public, representative groups and citizen organisations to makeContinue reading “Citizens Assembly Submission”