LEAF – Laois Environmental Action Forum

LEAF is a transition hub for county Laois. I was introduced to policy in 2009 while living in Laois and quickly realised a support group was essential. So we set up LEAF in 2010. Leaf is now the transition platform in Laois.

Laois Environmental Action Forum
Laois Environmental Action Forum logo

Themes include all aspects of sustainable development such as energy, transport, food, waste, water, economy, community, biodiversity, education, healthcare & employment.

Here’s the facebook page and twitter feed

Theresa O’Donohoe 2014

One thought on “LEAF – Laois Environmental Action Forum

  1. Hello Teresa
    I was interested to read your piece on your breakfast in Croke Park with the energy / wind industry. It was too expensive for our group to attend at almost €1000 euro entry fee.
    I am very surprised that you have only just heard the ‘dessert’ / community gain approach just now. That has been spun at loads of their conferences. Some of them even tell their reps to leave the pinstripe suit at home for fear the people in the Midlands think they are the revenue….and also to get in with the GAA! I wonder is that why the event you attended was held in Croke Park!
    I believe you are living in Co. Clare now. Perhaps you should come back to Laois to support the people in the Midlands who do not want industrial wind turbines outside their homes in any shape or form community or otherwise.
    We all know the problems associated with this industry of industrial wind turbines of this height.
    Let’s get the Developers to get their Oriel offshore project out to sea back on track. It would be nice and close to the Interconnector and would save ripping up hundreds of rural Ireland’s roads.

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