Welcoming the debate and stakeholder engagement

This week I attended the Energy Ireland conference. Predictably my agenda was public participation. Almost as predictable is the fact that social or “public acceptance” in energy plans, policies and projects was a big issue throughout the two days with one afternoon workshop being dedicated to “stakeholder engagement”. It got off to a great start when aContinue reading “Welcoming the debate and stakeholder engagement”

What are we teaching our children?

Letter to the Irish Times Editor Sir Climate change – what are we teaching our children? I have 5 children from junior infants through to third year in college. All of them have encountered climate change throughout the course of their formal education. It is very much part of the syllabus from primary school scienceContinue reading “What are we teaching our children?”

Ireland – waking up in 2014 perhaps?

Following on from my posts detailing RTE’s apparent lack of engagement with Climate Change, Prime Time, one of Ireland’s foremost current affairs programmes covered it on Tuesday March 18th. Watching Prime Time last Tuesday felt similar to watching Obama’s speech last summer – I was happy with the acknowledgement. It started with clarification that the entire panelContinue reading “Ireland – waking up in 2014 perhaps?”

Hanging with Crocodiles and Climate Change

They say first impressions last – pretty much the same if you want to catch your readers eye. I reckon the subject line in my email to Ryan Tubridy caught someones eye in RTE last Tuesday. I called it “Hanging with Crocodiles”. Feb 4th 2014 at 10.26 Dear Ryan I know that all emails can’tContinue reading “Hanging with Crocodiles and Climate Change”

Todays Children – Tomorrows World

What steps do you take when your child has a temperature? I usually monitor them for a day to see how they get on. If their temperature remains high I reach for the paracetamol to bring their temperature down because a high temperature can be fatal. It’s amazing how nature works. One minute they’re jumpingContinue reading “Todays Children – Tomorrows World”

National Energy Review – We need a Vision

Well that has been some week! I met with my local Senator, John Whelan, last Thursday January 9th. We had a long chat about Ireland’s energy policies and everything they evoked. We agreed on lots but one thing in particular – Irelands energy policy needs an overhaul – a complete, extensive review with public participationContinue reading “National Energy Review – We need a Vision”

Obamas Climate Change Plan – One mans gift of hope for the future.

Addressing future generations, Barack Obama chose Georgetown Campus to launch his Climate Change plan on Tuesday June 25th 2013. This is what I took from it.  First and foremost he addressed the young generation. Later stating “I refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing. And that’s why, today,Continue reading “Obamas Climate Change Plan – One mans gift of hope for the future.”