When It’s Personal

This is a personal post I’ve been reluctant to write yet I know it must be written. Last July the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment announced the members for the Advisory Group on the National Dialogue on Climate Action while presenting the National Mitigation Plan. The explanation of the climate dialogue was as … More When It’s Personal

Economic SPC Strategic Policy Committee Report November 13th 2017

Well this meeting got off to a great start with my having to challenge the minutes. Again! During the last meeting one councillor had suggested we have a say in generating our workplan for 2018 and asked that it be put on the agenda for this meeting. He was a little late and missed the … More Economic SPC Strategic Policy Committee Report November 13th 2017

NPF Submission

Submission to National Planning Framework Ireland 2040 Our Plan . Chapter 1 – High Level Objectives . Incorporate the definition of sustainable development. The term is mentioned 20 times within the document without being defined. I propose including it with the list of 4 high level objectives. Perhaps include it as a quote, our intention … More NPF Submission