Community “Acceptance”

I attended the Irish Renewable Energy Summit 2014 on February 20th. I found it to be a lot of corporate back slapping and happy talk. Everyone was delighted with their little patch and the bigger picture but absolutely baffled by the challenge of “community acceptance”. As I explained to a couple of folk from SEAIContinue reading “Community “Acceptance””

Welcome Horse – Goodbye Snake

  In this year of the horse I want to see a new system of decision making. I want everyone in our country having the opportunity to design the future they see for Ireland. Now that I have done the shedding for the year of the snake, I am happy to move on to theContinue reading “Welcome Horse – Goodbye Snake”

National Energy Review – We need a Vision

Well that has been some week! I met with my local Senator, John Whelan, last Thursday January 9th. We had a long chat about Ireland’s energy policies and everything they evoked. We agreed on lots but one thing in particular – Irelands energy policy needs an overhaul – a complete, extensive review with public participationContinue reading “National Energy Review – We need a Vision”