National Energy Policy – Next Phase

Last Wednesday September 24th I attended the launch of the next phase of the National Energy Policy. This was my first event with Alex White, the new Minister at the Department of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources, DCENR. My impression was very positive and I feel he is intent on ensuring this policy can work.Continue reading “National Energy Policy – Next Phase”

Apolitical or Apathetic? #Peoplesclimate in Clare

This Sunday is an opportunity for everyone concerned about climate change to join others and call for meaningful action. It’s all planned to show world leaders attending the UN summit next week that we want them to act now. There is a massive march taking place in New York. I would love to be there.Continue reading “Apolitical or Apathetic? #Peoplesclimate in Clare”

Summer’s nearly over – back to work!

Summer’s nearly over – back to work! It’s been almost two months since school finished up for summer. As sure as school closes down for summer so too does Leinster House. Before the summer break we had a cabinet reshuffle so I expect newly appointed Ministers will have spent some time getting acquainted with theirContinue reading “Summer’s nearly over – back to work!”

Back to Basics – Relationships

Over the past year I have been studying our national energy conversation. Having been absorbed in awareness raising and communicating the challenges for the previous 6 years I realised that the time for some real talking was upon us – at last! People were waking up 🙂 It started when we hosted the People’s EnergyContinue reading “Back to Basics – Relationships”

Energy Policy for Ireland – public consultation

July 31st was the last day for submissions to Ireland’s Green Paper on Energy consultation. It’s been a busy few months and we have a while before the draft white paper comes out. Since 2007 I have been involved with communities considering their energy solutions in the face of climate change and peak oil. InContinue reading “Energy Policy for Ireland – public consultation”

How fast things can move

We are now into the final stretch with the Energy Green Paper Process and some submissions or ideas for text are going up on People’s Energy Charter website. Please do take a look, post your ideas and feel free to start a conversation about Ireland’s energy on the forum page. You will need to logContinue reading “How fast things can move”

Launch of National Economic and Social Council NESC report “Wind Energy in Ireland : Building Community Engagement and Social Support”

I will start by posting my address. “Speaking as a co-founder of Transition Ireland & Northern Ireland and convener of the *People’s Energy Charter, I am delighted that the word transition appears in this report at least 100 times. Even more welcome is it’s context and intent. I sincerely expect that the People’s Energy Charter –Continue reading “Launch of National Economic and Social Council NESC report “Wind Energy in Ireland : Building Community Engagement and Social Support””

Welcoming the debate and stakeholder engagement

This week I attended the Energy Ireland conference. Predictably my agenda was public participation. Almost as predictable is the fact that social or “public acceptance” in energy plans, policies and projects was a big issue throughout the two days with one afternoon workshop being dedicated to “stakeholder engagement”. It got off to a great start when aContinue reading “Welcoming the debate and stakeholder engagement”

Where were the “Public” at the launch of the Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland?

Today, May 12th 2014, I attended the launch of the Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland. The room appeared full of industry, government officials, representatives of non government organisations and state agencies, the irish Farmers Association; basically plenty of people who looked like they attended such events on a regular basis and were familiar with eachContinue reading “Where were the “Public” at the launch of the Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland?”

What are we teaching our children?

Letter to the Irish Times Editor Sir Climate change – what are we teaching our children? I have 5 children from junior infants through to third year in college. All of them have encountered climate change throughout the course of their formal education. It is very much part of the syllabus from primary school scienceContinue reading “What are we teaching our children?”