What’s Happening our Climate?

Greenhouse gases are trapping the suns heat inside our atmosphere. Here’s a short video explaining what causes climate change and some impacts:

Climate change impacts are projected to increase in the coming decades and during the rest of this century.

  • Effects for Ireland:
    • sea level rise
    • more intense storms and rainfall events
    • increased likelihood and magnitude of river and coastal flooding
    • water shortages in summer in the east
    • adverse impacts on water quality
    • changes in distribution of plant and animal species
    • effects on fisheries sensitive to changes in temperature

Irelands Environmental Protection Agency has highlighted Climate Change as an urgent challenge and their website contains more information on causes, trends, reports, outlook and research.

Above is an EPA video launched with the State of Irelands Environment report 2016. Climate change, air pollution, water pollution, biodiversity loss, global food supply, the economy, transport and more. It’s all connected. Through Climate Action we can Restore our Environment.

For our Children and theirs, let’s ACT NOW.

This video was made by a youth climate striker, Fridays For Future Ireland, to encourage people to vote for the climate during the general election 2020. Thanks to Theo for permission to use it.

Published by Theresa OD

Change maker and mother of 5 living in the west of Ireland

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