2020 New Vision

On January 5th 2020 I wrote a blog called “2020 Vision”. Little did I know that within days that vision would have been cast aside. On January 14th I found out I would be contesting for a seat in the 33rd Dail. That’s the Parliament in Ireland. I didn’t see that coming!

Within hours of me agreeing I had the radio and newspaper on to me. It’s become media madness!

Fliers to distribute! Within days I had a full team of supporters who have been absolutely amazing ever since. With less than 2 weeks to canvass they have excelled. Thank you one and all.

I decided to go #PosterFree so various social media platforms are important:




It’s been a whirlwind ever since. Busy is an understatement.

The Clare Champion were on immediately for an interview over the telephone.

Clare FM had me in to studio on the 15th. They have an intro to all candidates on their site. Here’s mine.

Jan 30th was my first ever live radio election debate. More here.

Here’s a report by the Clare Echo from our Canvass in Miltown Malbay.

The Clare Champion had a full election supplement out on the 30th.

Tomorrow Feb 5th sees a full candidate panel live radio debate on Clare FM at 9am and the Clare PPN hustings at 8pm.

If you vote in Clare please vote O’Donohoe number 1 on February 8th.

Theresa O’Donohoe

February 4th 2020

Fundraising – still seeking funds if you can spare anything! My GoFundMe campaign is here.

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