What kind of dope ignores the science?
afraid to upset the banks, the business, the foreign direct investors
afraid of the almighty powers that rule the finances
afraid of the hands that can strangle the economies
afraid of their shadows as they pale into insignificance because at the end of the day politicians are puppets
they are dancing to the tunes of their puppeteers
they are doing as they’re told for the fleeting jobs it brings
they are happily feeding those whose pockets are already lined with gold
they are happily filling potholes because it keeps the votes coming
ignoring the cries of the starving drowning waring nations
ignoring the repetition of fodder crisis flooding fires closer to home
ignoring the mud as the hills shift and slide
ignoring the pleas from the future generations
oblivious to what’s really coming as the oceans continue rising
oblivious to the knock on effects of the melt
oblivious to the methane the tundra releases
oblivious to the extent of the growing refugee crisis
accepting the lies from the fossil fuel profiteers
accepting the declarations permitting further exploration
accepting the easy way out during their term
accepting that they will pass on this mess
not caring for their children or their children to come
not caring for those who drown as they run
not caring for what they can’t see, out of sight out of mind
not caring enough to stand up for what’s right
what will they spend – their pensions are linked to these facts
what will they say when their cities are drowning
what excuse will they make that they chose to ignore
What kind of dope ignores the science?

Theresa O’Donohoe

January 26th 2019


Published by Theresa OD

Change maker and mother of 5 living in the west of Ireland

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