What are we teaching our children?

“What are they learning from all of this? Humans have a massive impact on the ecosystem that supports it. How we should care for it. That we need to stop using carbon to give our atmosphere a chance to get well. That the actions of the past century have caused this accelerated climate change. That we have caused it.

What are they really learning? That even though we know it is wrong to damage the atmosphere we continue to do it. They are learning that we are incapable of taking responsibility for our actions. They are learning that we are passing the buck – big time. When they read your paper they see adults arguing over “one of the greatest environmental, social, and economic problems facing the planet”. Instead of addressing it we are happy to wait for the 6 degree increase and the end of human life, if not all life, on earth.

Are we teaching them competence? Responsibility? Empathy? Consideration? I think not.”

for the whole post see  What are we teaching our children?

My pop up book explaining climate change ….


Published by Theresa OD

Change maker and mother of 5 living in the west of Ireland

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