Climate Ambassadors

Today I accompanied someone to the Climate Ambassador training in Galway which is being rolled out by An Taisce. At long long last some action on the Climate Dialogue 🙂

I didn’t know for certain that the ambassador programme was part of the climate dialogue until the launch of the National Adaptation Framework during the week. The NAF outlines the following in the section “The Role Of Civil Society” on page 53 of the plan:

National Dialogue on Climate Action

Under the Programme for a Partnership Government, there is a commitment to establish
a National Dialogue on Climate Action (NDCA) which is to inform our national objective to transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy and society. In terms of climate resilience (i.e. adapting to climate change impacts), the publication of this National Adaptation Framework will play a key role in informing the dialogue process and how it addresses the issue of climate change impacts.

The objectives of the National Dialogue on Climate Action are to:

  • Create awareness, engagement and motivation to act (locally, regionally and nationally) in relation to the challenges presented by climate change;
  • Create structures and information ows to facilitate people gathering to discuss, deliberate and maximise consensus on appropriate responses to these challenges, and to enable and empower appropriate action;
  • Establish, on a long-term basis, appropriate networks for people to meet periodically to consider evidence-based inputs on the economic, social, behavioural, environmental and public aspects of climate and energy policy; and
  • Provide regular input, through the National Dialogue on Climate Action, into the prioritisation and implementation of climate and energy policy which can be reported and monitored at local, regional and national levels.

A key element of the National Dialogue already underway is the Green Schools National Climate Change Action and Awareness Programme which is being run by An Taisce, and which for 2017, includes the development phase for a Climate Change Ambassadors Programme. This programme will look to roll out ambassadors at both school and local community level in terms of engaging the wider community on climate related matters. 


The Climate Ambassador programme is just kicking off and the training today was very useful.  It was great to see new faces getting involved and committed to climate action in their community, workplace or wherever they decide to raise awareness.  All of the ambassadors received a badge, story telling tips and lots of information they can use to give presentations and plan workshops or events.

My next post will deal with the following paragraph and is long overdue:

The National Dialogue on Climate Action will run initially for a period of two years (2017-2019) with administrative support to be provided by the EPA. Membership of the 15 person advisory group on the National Dialogue was announced in July 2017. This group was established to provide advice in relation to the overall strategy, structure and operation of the National Dialogue.

Theresa O’Donohoe

January 27th 2018


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