Actions speak loudest

A year since my last government and industry swamped energy conference otherwise known as a VIP back door policy party. Enjoy 😊
Theresa O’Donohoe
March 27th 2017

Why are public bodies supporting exclusive back door policy opportunities? Where are the rural voices in Irelands energy space? Where are the “energy citizens” and local authorities in energy planning?

I recently attended the Energy & Climate Conference in Dublin Castle. This time I decided to see if I could encourage others from County Clare to come along so that we may bring our learning back. The conference organisers suggest councillors should attend so I asked a local councillor Johnny Flynn who regularly raises climate and energy issues. I know Johnny as we are both members of Clare’s Economic Development and Enterprise SPC, Strategic Policy Committee. Energy and climate change both have a massive influence on enterprise and the economy. Of course he should attend! Ideally the whole SPC should be there. I have found these conferences very useful in order to evaluate what’s happening in the governance and industry…

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