Up for the Game at Croke Park

I’m just redesigning my blog and came across this treasure. It’s one of my favourites as it demonstrates the absolute divisiveness and contempt industry hold for public participation. Well worth a read if you would like some insight into how or why the systems is so corrupt. Government are merely puppets. Enjoy.


Back in 1986 I dreamed of playing camogie with Ballyboden in Croke park. Little did I expect my big game to involve “a leading Irish law firm” at an energy conference in 2015 and my team to be the Environmental Pillar.

For me, day two of the energy Ireland conference started at 6am. I was going to the breakfast briefing “Energy Projects – Community and Stakeholder Engagement” but despite my early rising I walked in a little late. Just in time to hear the presenter, in a northern accent, refer to the Donegal football team playing defensive football, while attacking, advising the audience that this is now the way energy developers should approach planning. It worked for Donegal in 2012.

I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was about to hear. Probably as ill prepared as she was for my reaction. I sat through possibly the most divisive, us and…

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One thought on “Up for the Game at Croke Park

  1. There’s a conference on March 6th about Energy poverty. Tickets are €90, or €120 on the day.

    Very ironic.

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