Taking Some Time Off – Well Kind Of

It’s been a hectic few years. Moving house twice, marriage break up, my piece of paradise in my new home for life, representing the Environmental Pillar at the national policy tables, ATCC – An Taisce Climate Committee, Clare PPN – Public Participation Network, TINI – Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland, PEC – Peoples Energy Charter and the rest. All while caring for 3 young children and my 2 adults who are never too far away.

So during the week I decided to take a break from the national and international work. This doesn’t mean I plan on running away from it but it means I won’t be receiving hundreds of emails and may get around to the 5,000+ unread in my inbox! It also means I won’t be writing policy submissions – the one thing this country badly needs. That’s the bit that tugs at my guilt strings 😔

For example The Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report for a Renewable Electricity Policy and Development Framework is open for submissions. It’s available here if you would like your say in the future of electricity in Ireland. You can be sure industry is busy putting their proposals together.

Now I’m free to focus more on my family, home, garden and local issues including Clare PPN and my role on Clare’s economic development and enterprise SPC – strategic policy committee whose next meeting is Monday March 21st. We’re almost finished the LECP – local economic and community plan. I notice my submission never made it so I’ll be following that up.

At Clare PPN we’ve been chasing our database for over a year now. Contacts for all the members that were collated by and are being stored at Clare County Council. It’s pretty vital in order for the secretariat to carry out its duties effectively. We now have a resource officer who can’t really engage with the PPN members. I’m supposed to communicate with my  SPC linkage group – everyone in the PPN interested in economic development and enterprise. I’ve tried but get no response so I don’t even know if they get my emails via the council. The struggle continues 😏

In all, a new chapter. Nothing like a new beginning 😊
Theresa O’Donohoe March 20th 2016

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