No Dumb Blond: Interview with an Environmental Campaigner

Thanks to Frank for helping me explore some thinking 🙂

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I first became aware of Theresa several years ago when I came across her website dedicated to sustainable development. Some time later I received a telephone call from her after the County Arts Office had given her my name as a contact for the Laois Writers’ Group. Theresa became a regular attender at the group’s meetings, where she shared with us her poems and other writings in which she expressed her concerns about the environment, and about what she sees as widespread economic injustice, exacerbated as it was by the political response to the banking collapse.

As time passed it became clear that her involvement in campaigning gave her less time for writing.

In a recent blog post she outlined the extent of that campaigning which has resulted in several of the principles she has consistently advocated being incorporated into the Irish government’s White Paper on Energy.


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