How fast things can move

We are now into the final stretch with the Energy Green Paper Process and some submissions or ideas for text are going up on People’s Energy Charter website. Please do take a look, post your ideas and feel free to start a conversation about Ireland’s energy on the forum page. You will need to log in and be passed by admin before you can post but that is because we have had a lot of spammers. Final day for submissions is July 31st.

This has been an eventful week to say the least. I went from not being officially involved with the Environmental Pillar to representing Feasta on the plenary and then topping the poll for the steering group on Thursday. It’s slowly dawning on me what that means! Apparently I need media training 🙂

As for media. I discussed the NESC report on wind energy support and engagement as well as the need for a National Energy Transition Plan on Midlands 103 last Friday morning – July 18th. You can listen here.

That was followed on Saturday by Environmental Pillar training workshop on PPNs Public Participation Networks, for environmental representatives. We got into the nitty gritty of too many acronyms, creating and promoting a vision for wellbeing as well as the timeline for the Local Economic and Community Plans. Here’s the presentation accompanying that workshop. The establishment of the PPNs is proving a challenge so these workshops are invaluable. It is great to have them and meet up with so many like minded, wonderful, driven people from around the country.

I guess this week must belong to the Environmental Pillar so 🙂 You can follow them on twitter and facebook.

Theresa O’Donohoe july 2014


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