Comprehensive Public Participation

Another productive week 🙂

Yesterday, April 2nd 2014, the People’s Energy Charter got commitment from officials at the Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources to work with us on a comprehensive public participation model for national energy policy consultations. It has the potential to be a pivotal meeting in Irish energy policy.

There is definitely a positive change in Irish culture happening at the moment. There are four on-going processes, that I am aware of, working to ensure greater public participation in Ireland:

The Access Initiative Ireland – working to support the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Ireland. The Access Initiative is a global network that promotes access to information, participation, and justice in environmental decision-making.

Open Government Partnership – a style of government where procedures and decision-making are open to public scrutiny. Its development has come with heightened awareness of integrity and ethics in public life. Here’s the Irish website and the international site.

People’s Energy CharterThe People’s Energy Charter evolved to address the lack of comprehensive public participation in Ireland’s Energy Policies.

Local Government Reform – Public Participation Network – A framework for public participation, which has been provided for under the Local Government Reform Act 2014, will provide the basis for this formal engagement with the community. Of special interest is the report of the working group on citizen engagement with local government

I consider myself lucky to be involved with all four at varying levels of engagement. As a systems analyst I strive for systems solutions. Public participation in decision making is a massive system in complete overhaul. These are interesting times and I must say I’m enjoying them – despite being run off my feet 🙂

Theresa O’Donohoe – April 3rd 2014

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