If I had the money Minister

If I had the money Minister, I tell you what I could do

Book seats at the finest diner and send a car for you

I could tell you of your brilliance and how well you run the show

Sweet talk you for hours, watching your head grow and grow


I could tell you all my finest plans whilst we sit and dine

Then pop another bottle and fill you up with wine

I could tell you all the benefits of which you can be sure

My ideas and proposals are nothing short of pure 😏


I could invite you to my seminars and seat you pride of place

You could be sure of many privileges, putting a smile upon your face

I could send you on a holiday, research purposes of course!

Many extras you only dream of, I could gladly source


But I don’t have the money Minister, I only have a vote

It’s becoming pretty obvious, It’s not as welcome as the note


I don’t have the money to play you at their game

If I did business that way I’d hang my head in shame

I love my country dearly, it’s where my children hope to live

To future generations we need a thought to give


We must cater for our people before we sell our soul

Privatising all we have is not a worthy goal

We must build our independence from the noose of fossil fuel

Importing at a massive cost must make us look the fool


So we must work together to build resilience in our land

Side by side, every one of us, working hand in hand

Looking to the future and the legacy we leave

Planning out the pathway, there is much we can achieve



Theresa O’Donohoe January 17th 2014




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